22 Mart 2021 Pazartesi

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This time, I have watched a movie before reading it's book. Now, I can't remember details about it but I can say it still makes me peaceful. 

Actually it was about life of an orphan girl that had difficult days in the orphanage. So there were a lot of sad parts. 

How can I explain exactly better I really don't know but I have found something for watching it.

The story was in Canada where I want to be there one day.

When I was watching it I was witnessing  magnificent nature so it was just literally enough to prefer for watching. There was also perfect music. Both of these are very important things to make story better. 

If I can still remember good feelings about it, that is not about just story, it was thanks to nature and music. 

Because I always hear some sounds when I am one with nature.  When I hear the unique music from nature it says that "you are in now time " so I feel myself better with it.

Some parts of the show reminded me of those moments.

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