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Julie & Julia

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In the year 2021, I decided that I would watch movies based on books. One of them was Julie & Julia.

It is an old movie but, I think it feels warm still quiet and delightful movie. It can be make you more passionate about your goals. If you have goals especially about writing with blog or daily.

Julie & Julia is based on a book and also based on story of real person life who was a chef and who was fascinated by Julie's life also.

If you let, it can effect your life too.  Because it shows two women's usual life but actually when you watch it you can realize that every person can achieve her/his goal if he or she wants to do anything with passion and believes. 

I felt totally like that.

It's true that sometimes it can take longer time than you guessed and it may not be what you hoped.

It says that life is always like that. Don't focus the result focus on your way.

If I would say just one word about this movie, it will be just passion. It is usually forgotten when we fall into a difficult experience and we don't try again and again.

Don't forget the next time what you want to, just do it.

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