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The Good Place

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There are a lot of questions about life waiting for their answers. 

Some of them are "What is mean to be good person in the world?" 

"What did change about become good person from past to now? "

Is being good person is more difficult and complex according to past?  I think YES! 

This show does not help you find the answers, but it helps you ask the rights questions. You can enjoy your time while asking these questions.

Let's see why I said yes! Because probably in the past you hadn't known fair trade system. Basically,  when you buy coffee or chocolate you just buy coffee or chocolate in the past.

But do you know that you can accidentally support child labor while buying coffee or chocolate these days? We can't turn a blind eye to child labor  when buying chocolate that come from cocoa industry.

The show tells about morality and also makes excellent quotes from philosophers such as Socrates and Dume.

What if this world is full of torments to be your better version?  

Anyway, I couldn't help myself between all questions that I hadn't wrote here and yes I will not write more.

 Because the show includs more fun, colorful scenes for spending excelent time.

I added some videos about it.  Let's watch it! 

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Osman dedi ki...

Thank you, we have been watching the show after I've read your article. It has been fun and interesting so far. It's far away different from the usual tv shows. Thanks.

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